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CCTV Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CCTV? Why is there a need for CCTV?

CCTV is the abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television. It is a visual surveillance technology system designed to monitor the desired surrounding environment and its activities. In recent years, the role of CCTV has grown to unprecedented levels. Originally used to deter crime and 'anti-social behavior' such as minor offenses like littering, urinating in public and etc, CCTV now plays a more important role, assisting the police and security organizations in their investigations.


2. How to choose a suitable CCTV camera for your needs.

Choosing the correct CCTV Camera that fits your digital surveillance requirements is very important. Below is a simplified set of guidelines when choosing the correct CCTV camera for you application.
a) Location: Indoor or outdoor application
b) Requirement for day and night surveillance
c) The angle of view requirement. Wide angle coverage or a narrow field of view is required.

d) Budget


3. What is Day and Night Camera?

Day and night cameras are cameras that are able to provide video surveillance even at low levels of illumination. A day and night camera displays a full colour image during the daytime but produces monochrome (Black and white) video images at times when the lighting is poor. The camera has a device that is sensitive to the surrounding light conditions and switches the camera between colour and black & white modes automatically. It is designed to increase its light sensitivity in poor lighting conditions and at the same time reduce noise level in the images. However, the day and night camera will fail if the illumination (Lux) level is too low.


4. What is CCTV DVR?

DVR is abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder, it main function is to compress images recorded from the cameras into a particular image compression format and store them.

5. How many days/weeks of recording can I store?

This depends on the size of your hard drive, the number of cameras, which recording mode (on motion, on alarm, continuously, etc.), what type of video compression you are using, quality of resolution used. Please contact our technical support directly for assistance on the calculation.


6. What is the maximum length I can pull my cameras away from the DVR?
Using RG59 Coaxial cable, the maximum distance is approx 600 feet away from the DVR and up to 1,000 feet using RG6 Coax. For longer distances, a video amplifier should be used.